How Clicface Ready works

With Clicface Ready, you have an online tool where you can create a staff directory for your own organization. Only a web browser, like the one you are using to visit this website, is needed to create and to view the staff directory.
Depending on your wishes, the staff directory is available either for anybody, or for a restricted team, or for only you.

Here is a summary of the steps of how to set up Clicface Ready:

  • Order: you choose the right plan for you and set the custom items for your staff directory. (custom fields, custom internet address, logo…)
  • Validation: we review your choices and, if necessary, our team of experts confirms with you some points before conception.
  • Conception: we build the architecture of your staff directory from the defined items; this step usually takes a few days depending on the complexity of your choice, but the period does not exceed five days, except in specific cases where you would be notified immediately.
  • Availability: we will provide you the required password to access to the staff directory, which is now ready for use.

Once you register, an Account Manager is personally responsible for following up your order. He/she informs you of the various steps and is at your disposal for any question about customization or feature of your staff directory.