Clicface Ready

Staff Directory, Org Chart and Suggestion Box for Business


Create a staff directory and Org Charts

easily with our turnkey solution.

A professional tool at affordable prices!


Clicface Ready is an online web application where you can make a professional staff directory very easily. This software is especially suitable for small businesses, teams and associations.

The Clicface Ready solution let you also create org charts of your organization with a simple drag-and-drop: add your employees' thumbnails and move them in any order by dragging your mouse.



A newcomer in the company, a new trainee, a new interim, a reorganization of a department, the relocation of an entity... how to quickly and efficiently disseminate vital information (names, pictures, addresses) to all of the company without having a suitable tool?

Create a staff directory or or an org chart with tools such as Word and Excel are complex and tricky, and the result is rarely satisfactory. In addition, publishing the data and updating are not suitable for this use.

Clicface Ready provides useful tools,adapted to your needs and easy to use without having to install anything on your computer.

    Advantages :

  • No technical knowledge required
  • SSL/TLS secure access
  • Restricted access by IP address
  • Create additional visitor / editing accounts
  • Publishing feature
  • No extra software to install
  • Available from anywhere
  • Staff directoryprinting for paper distribution
  • Competitive price
  • Custom address
  • Custom fields
  • Company logo
  • Secure servers
  • Premium Support with the expertise of a professional team


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